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Want to know what study support is all about? This section will tell you about it.

Do you know your comma from your colon? Is your tutor always asking you to use 'Standard English' in your writing? Are you a good creative writer but your punctuation lets you down?

Read on to find out more about the trials and tribulations of Punctuation and Grammar!

  • Do you know what proofreading is?
  • Do you proofread and still miss the same mistakes?

This section is designed to help to improve and develop your proofreading skills. This is essential in essay writing and will be vital at University!

Revision and Exam Techniques

Revision Timetable Templates

This course will look at keeping organised in a number of different ways such as keeping track of appointments and homework deadlines to organise your study time. There are also some useful templates to help you stay organised.

Whether you are struggling with spelling key terms, general spelling or homophones (words that sound the same but have different spellings) then check out these strategies.

Remember it is a gradual progress becoming a proficient speller so don't expect a quick fix.

Although academic writing is distinct from other kinds of writing, it isn't all the same. There are different styles within academic writing, including:

  • descriptive
  • argumentative/analytical
  • evaluative/analytical
  • personal, drawing on the writer's own experience.

These can be explore in more detail on this site.

This is a 10 minute free writing piece to assess your current skills in the area of grammar and punctuation.

You have 10 minutes to complete a piece of writing on any of the topics below:

  • My family
  • College life
  • Your subjects at college
  • Your career aspirations

You may write about one topic or combine them.

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