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A Level Sociology

Course Content


Year 1


Education with Methods in Context

Here students will be expected to study the social factors likely to affect the educational achievement levels of different social groups as well as the effects of Government Educational policy on achievement and welfare. In addition students are required to apply their knowledge of sociological research methods to educational settings.

Topics in Sociology - Families

Here we examine the rise of the nuclear family, the rise of family diversity and the increase in divorce. In addition demographic changes which impact on family life are examined, as well as the impact of Government policy on family life.

Research methods

Students will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the main research methods in sociology, and the different ways sociologists approach their research. Students will carry out their own sociological research to aid their understanding.


No external examinations

Year 2

 Theory and Methods

Students are given a more detailed understanding of the foundations of sociology, looking in more detail at theories such as Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism and Postmodernism, bringing in examples from the education, crime, family and media topics.

In addition students will recap their knowledge of research methods as well as going into more depth on questions such as 'Is sociology a science?'.


Topics in Sociology - Mass Media.

Here students focus on a variety of media issues including stereotyping and violence in the media, representations of gender and disability.


Crime and Deviance

This module helps students to focus on the differing rates of offending and victimisation experienced by different social groups in society with an additional focus on reasons for gang violence, corporate crime, green crime and state crime in society.


Paper 1 - 2 hour examination

 Education, theory and methods

in context - 8th June 2017






Paper 2- 2  hour examination

 Families and Media - 15th June 2017





Paper 3 -2 hour examination

Crime and deviance and theory and

methods - 20th June 2017

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This section contains extra reading for both year 1 and year 2. In sociology it is particulary important that you read around the subject and apply your theoretical knowledge to current affairs. This section will help you add further detail and material to your essays and will also be useful when writing your personal statement if you are applying for a sociology related degree at Uni.