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 Silvia Marques,

  Phil Duckworth

Matt Fisher, Elaine Potkin


Resources for people wanting to know how and where you can take History further after college and what things you can end up doing as a career.

Additional reading resources for students considering studying History at University or those interested in developing their historical thinking

Resources and revision for the America 1845 - 1877 module.

Resources and revision materials for the Angevin Kings course.

Preparation for the Unit 1 Crusades exam.

Resources for the coursework.

Material to help you to prepare for the topics we study at A-level.

A2 Examined Module

Who was Alexander the Great or Alexander of Macedon? Find out more by completing this short History enrichment course.

Resources for the Latin course.

Activities and resources for the Russia History A-level course.

AS Examined Module

Preparation work for the Civil Rights coursework.

Resources for the rebellion and royal authority coursework.


Resources and revision for the Stuart Britain course.