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Winstanley Wellbeing in the central hub for information on maintaining and improving your wellbeing whilst at Winstanley.

The site includes informative videos, relaxation audios, and information and guidance on wellbeing and mental health. Every student has free access to resources to help you create your own personalised Self Care Plan.

You can also find out about support inside and outside of college, and report any concerns you have whilst you are here. 

On behalf of all members of staff here at Winstanley, we hope that you thoroughly enjoy your time here and that you achieve your desired academic and personal goals. 

Winstanley Wellbeing is here to help!


Welcome to Winstanley Wellbeing!

Here you'll find some general information about college and the policies associated with Wellbeing and Mental Health.

For help from Study Support, click <here>.

Find information sheets and video Q&As with Winstanley College's Targeted Support Mentor - Katherine. 

The videos cover topics such as Balancing Your Time, Transition Tips, and information about various Mental Health Disorders.

Don't forget to look at the study support available in college too, by clicking <here>.

Creating your personalised Self Care Plan couldn't be easier!

Watch the video to see why self care is so important and how you can make your own plan using the downloadable template. 

Find a series of relaxation recording here - each lasting between 7 and 15 minutes. 

If you have any suggestions for relaxation recordings, please email for your ideas to be considered. 

Here you'll find some suggestions for places you can go for help and support.

Whether it's term time or the holidays, you'll find a number of different places you can go to for support.